How To Use Article Directories For Unique Content

If you are looking for articles to incorporate on your Website, in your newsletter or any other online endeavor, your best bet is to use an article directory. You can use the articles provided in the directories to fill your ezine or post on your website if the topic is relevant to your enterprise.If you not know where to find an article directory go to an online search engine under “article directories.” There are many of them, some topic unique like a directory for freelancers, or a directory for women in business. However, there are directories that carry a multitude of categories. Unless you have very tight “niche” markets go to the directories that have a large number of subjects.There are five leading categories of article directories – just out additions, niche directories, e – commerce directories, directories with multiple categories like Article Bazaar, and other article submission sites. Latest additions – those article directories who post articles that are just out – could be very valuable in finding unused new content. If you are in a hot niche marketplace using the latest addition sites would be for you. Getting the freshest content when you’re in this situation is very vital.Some of the latest article directory additions are spiritual niche directories, work etiquette articles, a directory of crafts and/or ceramic, multiple article directories about Websites, and many others with a large amount of topics.In the niche article directory collection there are article directories on holiday and vacation rentals, real estate and other property, finance and business for the novice, one article directory that dealt exclusively with articles about dogs or cats, article directories about cars, a directory that had nothing but articles about Clickbank, directories on weight loss, health and fitness, and one religious directory listing whose topics were on wisdom, philosophy and life in general.Self-help tips were the subjects of each article in one directory, another had a family descent and family history focus, then there was one about weddings, while yet another article directory dealt solely with beachwear.E-commerce article directory subjects included one article directory on home business, another on women with children, a third on business equipment, and one as specific as women in business in a certain state.Whichever directory or directories you choose, (post in many for more exposure), it is recommended to submit your own free articles – a very helpful way to get your name out there as an professional in your undertaking and bring customers back to your site and its products and services.If you are afraid of writing in your field go to Article Bazaar, click on the Writing Category and then on Article Writing and you find all kinds of tips to get you started. Directories are another important tool you should be using in your marketing strategies. We hope to see you posting on Article Bazaar soon. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Discovering Open Directories

Open directories give users advantage to search millions of directories, submit articles to directories, and so on. You have many options with open directories online.Some of the popular open directories are Google, Yahoo and so on. You can use open directories to get links, such as back links, incoming links and more.Open directories also includes ODP (Open Directory Project), which some users refer it as DMOZ. (I.e. directory which is the origination of open directories. Open directories have multilingual directories with open content available to users. The content on the WWW (Word Wide Web) links to Netscape. Volunteers or people in the web community care for the directories.Some open directories are updated regularly, while others are not. Editors who volunteer or from the community fall short of updated every singe directory online, since there are millions of them.Who discovered open directories? The founders of open directories or ODP include Rick Skrenta responsible for Gnuhoo, and Bob Truel.About open directory transitions: Gnuhoo started in the late 90s. Slashdot articles however made remarks that the directory was not in since with spirits of free software’s, which GNU projects and GNU, Richard Stallman’s made objections to Gnuhoo. It was later renamed, NewHoo. This brought Yahoo into the picture, which rejected the name NewHoo. It was changed once more to ZURL. Before the name was changed again however, Netscape encouraged ZURL to start up the site as open directories project. (ODP) This change brought AOL aboard, which started up Time-Warner open directories.Open directories started growing thereafter. Netscape took the open directories off in the 90s by assuming stewardship, which ODP incurred over 100,000 different URL indexes. By the last part of the 90s, URL indexes created by open directory projects soared into the millions. Speculators thought that the increase left Yahoo open directories behind. Currently there are more than 3.9 million open directory listings on the web.The open directory project has main servers, which when the systems failed at one time caused catastrophic suffering. It was the mid month of December before the directories were working. The open directories send publications weekly to thousands of web sites and dump RDF. The open directories are currently configured on Intel’s base servers. The purpose is to avoid any other failures to the system.Open directories are popularly used by webmasters, users, and anyone in Internet business. The open directories allow internet businesses to collect relevant links to their websites. This is one of the top strategies used to promote businesses.In addition, the internet businesses can submit articles to the directories, which the public can view. Another way that internet businesses market their web pages, thus if you are searching for marketing solutions, go to the open directories and explore more now.