The American Fashion

American celebs are pretty vocal and wear their fashion on their sleeves. Many a celebrities have had such good choices and sport clothes in a particular fashion that they have often promoted their favorite style and helped make it a style statement.Quite a few personalities chose to patronize particular style of fashion and in fact made it famous by perusing the particular fashion ardently.The first and foremost name that comes to one’s mind is the sex symbol Betty Boop’s name who hit the headlines in 1930s. With a dressing style that was quite showing with above the knee flapper dresses, thigh high stockings, high-heeled boots or heels with short cut hair, she managed to rise to the top and attract all attention wherever she went.People in the fashion world even today recall the name Edie Sedwick, the famous Avente Garde artist, Andy Warhol’s gorgeous muse who walked the ramp in 1960s and mesmerized the audience. As an actress and socialite, she managed to be in limelight but her sense of style and glamour came from her tryst with modeling. Her pictures reveal her indomitable style with straight hair, long legs with pointed heels, covered in fur and dangling huge earrings. No wonder she ruled the roost.One of the popular television actors who stood out for her style of dressing and is credited with having popularized her particular style of dressing is Claire Danes who in 1990s played the role of Angela Chase in My So Called Life. She wore printed dresses with lovely chokers and paired it with pointed boots, which was followed by many women in her times. Undoubtedly she was a style icon of her times.When we think of the fashion icons of today, one of the names that comes to the mind is that of Lady Gaga. Who professing unconventional dressing and futuristic style, has managed to create a fashion trend of her own. Wearing platinum blond hair with skintight metallic outfits, fancy shoes and outrageous accessories to go with the dressing, she manages to stand out at every event. There are many youngsters out there who identify with her type of risky, adventurous, experimental and futuristic style of dressing.Fashion is ever evolving and changing phenomena. It is purely based on creativity of the person and his astute sense of style and design, which is influenced, by the external environment or ideas and interactions with the external world.It would not be wrong to stay that fashion is no longer about following any particular pattern or trend. It is a highly evolving free form of expression and play with different concepts, materials and design ideas. You can even have poetry expressed in the form of fashion.